HDPE Poly Film



Suitable for: CAM Auto-Cutter Machine

Material: PE & PO         

Description: HDPE/LDPE Film                      

Available width: Max to 3 meters ( customized)    

Color: Transparent

Processing Type: Blow Molding

Weight / roll: 25-50kgs (customized)

Delivery Time: 7-10 days for stock items

Brand Name: Starlinks

Model Number: 015

Transparent: In sheet or roll

Product Features:


1.HDPE/LDPE film is using as cover on the auto-cutting table to prevent the air go inside the fabric again after vacuum draw off.

2.Suitable for using on different Auto cutter machine like Gerber, Lectra, Bullmer, Yin etc;

3.Customized both on weight of each roll and the width.

4.We also supplying all other Paper products that use in Garment cutting room, like Plotter paper, Kraft paper, Perforated Kraft paper, Duplex board, Interleaving tissue paper etc.

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